About HATO

The naturopathic philosophy on animal healing asserts that the body has the innate ability to heal itself when given the right conditions. 

Holistic Animal Health Practitioners seek to provide the therapies required to facilitate healing and restore balance. 

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Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation (formerly HATAA)

The purposes of the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation are:

To advance, support and empower qualified natural animal health practitioners by progressing the field of holistic animal health care through supporting qualified holistic animal health practitioners and by offering training in natural animal health and animal nutrition and educating the public about the benefits of holistic animal health care and the importance of seeking informed advice for their animals.

We are an Australian-based organisation but we provide online courses to students around the world* and we offer membership to animal health practitioners world-wide*. 

Our aim is to increase awareness and advance the field of holistic animal health by providing evidence-based training and recognition of animal nutritionists, animal herbalists, animal naturopaths, holistic animal health practitioners, animal massage therapists and other natural animal health practitioners throughout Australia and internationally*. We represent the interests of and provide support for holistic animal therapists through professional advice, education, resources, a referral system and an opportunity for social interaction. 

HATO also sets professional standards and a code of ethics for animal naturopaths, animal herbalists, holistic animal health practitioners, animal nutritionists, animal massage therapists and other practitioner members. HATO approves suitable animal naturopathy courses and courses in animal nutrition, holistic animal health, herbal medicine for animals, animal homeopathy, equine and canine acupuncture, canine massage, equine massage and other education in natural animal health for practitioners and seeks affiliation and accreditation with like-minded groups and associations both in Australia and overseas to promote public awareness of holistic animal therapies and holistic animal care within the community.

The Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation also acts as a forum for discussion in animal naturopathy and holistic animal therapies and to foster the teaching of holistic animal healing principles through media channels, community groups and educational institutions and encourages networking between our accredited practitioner members and the veterinary profession for the benefit of all animals. HATO also aims to promote and educate people on animal naturopathy, holistic animal health care, animal nutrition and alternative health care and safe and effective natural animal therapies that do not cause pain and suffering and avoid the use of toxic drug therapy or products or invasive surgery when there are alternatives. HATO is the premier organisation for animal naturopaths, holistic animal health practitioners, animal herbalists, animal nutritionists, animal homeopaths, canine and equine massage therapists and other qualified natural animal health practitioners.

*Excluding the US and Canada.

Our passion and love for all creatures deserves to be known by all who have the same desire.