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HATO provides online courses in animal nutrition (Certificate in Animal Nutrition) and holistic animal health (Diploma in Holistic Animal Health).



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Courses in Animal Nutrition

Please refer below for course details on the Certificate in Animal Nutrition

To find out more, please email HATO at:

Courses in Holistic Animal Therapies 

Please refer below for course details on the Diploma in Holistic Animal Health. 

To find out more, please email HATO at:

Courses in Animal Bowen Therapy

HATO accredits the canine and equine Bowen therapy courses offered by the International School of Bowen Therapy (ISBT). Please refer below for more information.  


Courses in Animal Homeopathy and Animal Communication

HATO does not currently approve any courses in animal homeopathy or animal communication.

If you are a course provider and offer high-quality, up to date courses in animal homeopathy or animal communication we would love to hear from you! 

Course providers must meet the HATO standards for course delivery to ensure that students receive an appropriate, effectual and useful education in the field of animal health or animal communication and graduate with a well-regarded qualification. 

If you are a well-respected, proficient course provider and would like your school or college to become an approved course provider through our organisation, please contact us at: 






We set out from the start to develop highly relevant, evidence-based courses on natural animal health and some of the best animal health professionals from around the world have helped us create truly valuable and informative courses that are incomparable to others.

We are extremely proud of our courses and the positive feedback we receive from our students proves that we have developed high-quality courses that allow our students to graduate feeling confident and competent and ready to apply their new skills and knowledge.  

These are some of the benefits of choosing HATO as your course provider:

* HATO has a long history of supporting natural animal health practitioners and prides itself on leading the way in this valuable area of animal care.

* We now have students all around the world as our courses are 100% online and there are no attendance requirements at all - so you can study with us no matter where you live! 

* Hato’s mission is to empower and support natural animal health practitioners and animal nutritionists world-wide by progressing the field of holistic animal health care and natural animal nutrition. 

* We employed the very best course developers to create courses that were up to date; applicable to the natural animal health field and were evidence-based. Our courses were developed by well-qualified animal health professionals including veterinarians, zoologists, and animal naturopaths.

* Our student support is second to none. We pride ourselves on helping our students progress through their study with ease. Our student feedback confirms how much our students enjoy studying with us! Please read some of our student feedback below.  

* Our courses are self-paced so, unlike most courses, there is no pressure to meet tight deadlines.

* Our courses do not have exams – so students do not experience any exam stress.  

* Our students benefit from small class sizes which allows each student to receive individual attention and the utmost support.

* We have one of the highest retention rates of students in the industry which proves the delivery of our courses meets most student’s requirements. 

* Our courses cover dogs, cats and horses – so you do not need to enrol in different courses to learn about the requirements of each animal species. However, in the Certificate in Animal Nutrition you do get the opportunity to concentrate on one animal species of your choice so you understand their requirements on a deeper level.

* Our courses are very affordable compared to others in the industry – yet we deliver one of the most comprehensive educations in the field of natural animal nutrition and holistic animal health anywhere in the world.

* As our courses are delivered online, you can study towards your qualification from anywhere at any time.

* Our courses are evidence-based and the content is updated regularly to ensure our students are taught relevant, current and informative course content that may be incomparable to others. 

* Our course developers and tutors are not only well-qualified in their respective fields, they also have many years of experience in the animal health field. This allows us to teach extremely useful course content that is easy to apply to clinical practice.

* Before enrolling in a course, you need to ensure the course provider can be trusted to deliver accurate course content on animal health. Some course providers are not well qualified in animal health at all, nor do they have the necessary experience in helping animals to provide a truly useful education when it comes to supporting the wellbeing of animals.

* We provide an extensive amount of applicable, valuable course content to ensure you develop a thorough understanding of each topic covered. We educate you to become competent and skilled so you can graduate with confidence. 

* Importantly, you can save our informative, clinically-relevant course notes to your computer so they can be used as a handy reference guide once you graduate. This can be invaluable for referring to in practice. Please Note: Most course providers do not provide their students with course material to retain.  

* There are no prerequisites required for our Certificate in Animal Nutrition and this course leads on to our Diploma in Holistic Animal Health if you want to increase your knowledge.

* All of our students receive free student membership with the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation (HATO).

When you graduate, you can apply for full practitioner membership with the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation (HATO), one of the most trusted, oldest organisations for holistic animal health professionals in Australia.   


When choosing a course provider, ensure the organisation you choose to study with is aligned with the type of community you want to become part of once you graduate.  

HATO has a long history of supporting the field of natural animal health care. Unlike some other organisations, HATO has only ever supported natural animal health practitioners – we have never been aligned with natural therapies for humans or allied health professions!

HATO was established exclusively to advocate for the holistic animal health field and will always serve this purpose with passion and integrity. 





HATO offers a Certificate in Animal Nutrition course for students world-wide.


There are no prerequisites for the Certificate in Animal Nutrition and this course will provide you with a much greater understanding of the correct nutrition for dogs, cats and horses and the principles of natural nutrition as well as help you to detect the signs of nutritional deficiencies in animals and which nutrients the animal requires to prevent disease. This course will also help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of various feeding methods so that you can identify the requirements for optimal animal nutrition.

Complete, Natural Nutrition is the Basis of a Healthy Life for Animals – Find Out How To Help Animals in One of The Best Ways Possible! 

More and more pet owners are seeking professional advice for the correct nutrition for their dogs, cats and horses so if you have an interest in natural nutrition and would like to be part of the growing field of natural animal health, enrol in our Certificate in Animal Nutrition today. 

Graduates of this course can join our community of natural animal health practitioners and can take pride in the fact they are a HATO-Accredited Practitioner!

Gain the Skills and Knowledge to Become an Animal Nutritionist and Live Your Passion!

The Certificate in Animal Nutrition is a part-time, online course that is designed to be completed over 12 months. There are no prerequisites and no text books are required as all of the course content and resources are provided online. Unlike most other online courses, our courses also provide you with important information in pdf files that can be used as handy reference guides in the future. The course fees are $997.00 (Aus) plus an annual administration fee of $98.00.

As our course fees are so affordable we do not offer payment plans and course fees must be paid in full at the time of application. 

Apply now to secure your place.

Our aim is for students to learn in a stress-free, fun and enjoyable way so we do not have short deadlines; exams or expensive text books. Our students are world-wide so join us today and begin your pathway to a new career.  

Please note: HATO offers courses to students world-wide and licensing requirements regarding the treatment of animals may vary for each country, state, territory and county. Completion of a HATO course does not guarantee an employment outcome. Formal requirements other than educational qualifications (e.g. licensing, professional registration, etc.) may also apply to some jurisdictions around the world.  


Our Animal Nutrition courses are one of the most informative, affordable, interesting, online courses in the world!  


* A basic understanding of the digestive function of various animals.

* The essential roles of vitamins and minerals for animal health. 

* The best sources of all of the major nutrients.

* Signs of common nutritional deficiencies in animals and which nutrients are required for optimum wellbeing. 

* The dietary requirements of dogs, cats and horses at various life stages.

* Foods to avoid in small animals.

* The advantages and disadvantages of commercial diets compared to natural feeding practices.

* An overview of pasture management for equine wellness.

* Disease prevention for dogs, cats and horses through correct nutrition.

* And much, much more......



This is a Learn-As-You-Go course with assessments comprising of two assignments:

* Assignment One: Review questions on animal nutrition and a short essay comparing commercial diets with natural feeding methods.                                     

* Assignment Two: Choose an animal species you intend to be working with once you graduate and develop an appropriate eating plan based on the course information provided.

No exams are required and, unlike most courses, there are no short deadlines. 

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate in Animal Nutrition and can apply for full practitioner membership as an Animal Nutritionist with the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation (HATO).   

Please note: There are no prerequisites for this course and enrolments are open to students world-wide. Graduates can apply to become an accredited HATO practitioner member no matter where they live. 



It has been fantastic studying with HATO & a journey I will be forever grateful I took. The course was a pleasure to complete. Kind regards, Hannah Eaton". 

This is a very valuable and rewarding course to do. Annie Liosatos" 

“I thought the course was great and really comprehensive. I thought I was fairly well versed in feeding natural diets, based on the research I had done over several years, but I have definitely benefited enormously from completing the course and I feel much more equipped for a career in this field. Interestingly it is also now so much more obvious to me how many people working in the industry really don't have the same knowledge. I feel that I have a much firmer understanding of the actual nutritional requirements of animals and how to best meet these. I am excited to be able to help people feed their pets better and understand their needs. I found the content really interesting and simple to follow and I am so grateful for and impressed by the incredible wealth of resources provided. My queries were always responded to really quickly and helpfully. The feedback from tutors was useful too. Overall I was really pleased with the course and I'm very glad I chose to undertake it. Cheers, Clare Kearney"  

“I have found the course easy to follow and am really enjoying the comfortable at ‘your own’ pace. There are some weeks I am unable to commit the time and it doesn’t cause me stress, knowing I am able to make it up in future weeks. I have learnt an immense amount about commercial and natural animal diets, including the raw vs cooked natural food debate. Many Thanks, Tracey Dark". 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and have greatly expanded on my knowledge of animal nutrition - thank you!  Regards, Tanya Arnold"

“Working as a Canine trainer and conditioner, I can now see the valid links between a canine’s functionality, energy and behaviour and how this can be greatly affected by the consumption of certain foods. Overall wellness can be achieved via the application of a natural, balanced, breed specific diet according to an individual dog’s needs. The information regarding deficiency and toxicity was very informative as was the information regarding senior dogs, pregnant & lactating bitches as well as young puppies. I am an ethical breeder of Siberian Huskies wherein physical health, strong immune systems and great temperaments are prominent focuses of the dogs we breed, so this information will help me develop my breeding program further and give me the ability to further educate the new guardians of my puppies. I also own a couple of senior rescued dogs that I now have a better insight into their nutritional requirements. Kind regards, Racheal Romeo"   

“I'm in LOVE with this course content and will continue to re-read it over and over. Well done for putting together such amazing information. It is something that I can/will always go back to read for clarification. The delivery was excellent and I always got a quick response for my questions. Regards, David Agius" 

Note: Just after David graduated we received this feedback from him:  

“I held a dog food workshop at the Dog Wellness Expo a couple of weeks ago which was amazing! So many people interested about natural pet nutrition. I am holding one in my local town and have already sold over 10 tickets. I've also got 4 private nutrition consults on Friday :)

I couldn't have done any of this if it weren't for HATO and I am truly thankful. Regards, David"  

And a few weeks later we received this feedback from David: 

“Just thought I'd let you know that my last workshop was a big success. I had over 30 people attend and booked 11 consultations at the end of the night.  Regards, David Agius"

Feedback regarding HATO's academic and administrative staff.........

“I was given clarity very quickly……emails were always answered quickly and courteously explaining things clearly. I am thankful for the tutors/markers feedback which assisted me in passing. I also appreciate all involved in the administration side of things within HATO and I am thankful to graduate and start applying my skills inside my practice. Kind regards, Racheal Romeo"  

The content of the course was extremely interesting with plenty of information given. Staff were very helpful and quick to respond to queries and the feedback from tutors to my queries was in-depth and relevant. Thanks for all your help and reassurance along the way. Best Regards, Mandie Jee”. 

We are very happy to hear that our students enjoy studying with HATO so much and we’re really pleased that our graduates are able to apply their knowledge and provide informed advice for the benefit of animals throughout the world! 

To enrol in our next course intake or to find out more, email HATO at:

We look forward to welcoming you as a new student soon! 



  • Are you looking for a fulfilling career with animals?
  • Do you have an interest in natural health?
  • Would you like to become an accredited ‘Holistic Animal Health practitioner’ with HATO – the premier natural animal health organisation?
  • Do you want a course that is self-paced and 100% distance education – so that you can still meet work and life commitments and study towards your dream career at the same time?
  • If you are passionate about helping animals and would like to begin a rewarding career in the natural animal health field or increase your current knowledge, our Diploma in Holistic Animal Health may be just what you have been searching for. 


Around the world there has been renewed interest in holistic animal health care as people seek safe and effective ways of supporting and maintaining the health and wellbeing of their pets. This renaissance in natural animal health care has seen an increase in animal owners seeking professional holistic animal health advice for their dogs, cats and horses. 

To meet this demand, HATO now offers a Diploma in Holistic Animal Health which allows graduates world-wide to have the skills and knowledge to help pet owners care for their dogs, cats and horses using natural animal health principles.  

‘This Course is the Only One of Its Kind’

This up to date, evidence-based course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of natural animal health.

This course educates students on the naturopathic philosophy and the important principles of preventative health care for dogs, cats and horses and students will also gain the skills to perform a holistic health assessment including monitoring an animal’s vital signs. Basic emergency first aid for animals is also covered. 

The course also includes fundamental animal anatomy and physiology and animal genetics, including epigenetics. This knowledge is essential for students to find out about gene expression and the specific nutrient therapies, herbal medicines and environmental alterations that have been found to hold the keys to preventing certain diseases in animals. 

This unique course also teaches students the research skills that enables them to identify safe and effective herbal medicines for animals as well as herbal medicines that should be avoided in dogs, cats and horses, which is essential knowledge


The Diploma in Holistic Animal Health is open to students world-wide as there is no need to travel and attend lectures so you can complete your studies anywhere at anytime!

If you are seeking a high-quality, evidence-based course in natural animal health and require flexible study times and affordable course fees this course may be just what you have been searching for. 

The course fees for the Diploma in Holistic Animal Health are $4,000* (if paid in full upfront). The following payment options are also available: Option A – Pay per Unit: $797.00* per unit (total course costs will be $4,782.00 for 6 units) or Option B – Pay per Module: $2,197* per module (total course costs will be $4,394.00 – a saving of $388.00). * Plus an annual administration fee of $98.00 (Au). 

We pride ourselves on offering one of the best and most affordable courses available in holistic animal health and our course is one of the few being offered that has been developed by holistic veterinarians, zoologists, well-qualified animal naturopaths and other animal health professionals who have years of experience in the animal health field. This is in contrast to many other animal-related courses being offered by other course providers that have not been developed by animal health professionals. 

When comparing courses from other educational institutions, we encourage you to investigate how the courses were developed and the level of training the course writers and developers have had in animal health. Importantly, we recommend that you only enrol in a course that was developed by animal health professionals - not by those only trained in human health care as there are vast differences between these two fields of health. Our courses were developed by qualified holistic veterinarians and other veterinarians, Zoologists, well-qualified animal naturopaths and other highly-qualified animal health professionals.   

If you are passionate about helping animals and would like to begin a rewarding career in the natural animal health field email us at: with your name, address, email address and phone number and request a course prospectus. 

Please note: The Certificate in Animal Nutrition is a prerequisite for the Diploma in Holistic Animal Health so why don’t you enrol in the nutrition course today?  


Graduates of the Diploma in Holistic Animal Health will be able to apply for practitioner membership with the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation and can access professional indemnity insurance through our affiliated insurer. 

The course is designed to be studied part-time over two years and is a self-paced, online course. Unlike many other distance education or online courses, our courses also provide you with important information in pdf files that you can continue to refer to when you are a Holistic Animal Health practitioner.

Assessments for this course include review questions, short essays, multiple choice questions and a small research project (in the final unit). Exams are not required.  

Advanced Standing - Candidates who have completed accredited study in animal anatomy and physiology, animal first aid, natural health philosophy or herbal medicine animal courses, may be eligible to receive advanced standing towards the Diploma in Holistic Animal Health

You can continue to work while studying towards your dream career in the field of natural animal health. 

Please note: In line with other organizations and institutions offering an education in natural animal health and animal nutrition, our courses do not provide an education in veterinary science or prepare students to practice any form of veterinary medicine. HATO offers courses to students world-wide and licensing requirements regarding the treatment of animals may vary for each country, state, territory and county. Completion of a HATO course does not guarantee an employment outcome. Formal requirements other than educational qualifications (e.g. licensing, professional registration, etc.) may also apply to some jurisdictions. However, HATO does provide educational courses in the principals of safe and effective natural animal health care and natural animal nutrition and graduates can apply for membership with the Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation (HATO).  



ISBT-Canine and Equine Bowen Therapy is a recognized interpretation of the work of renowned Australian manual therapist, Thomas (Tom) Ambrose Bowen (1916-82). 

ISBT conducts Canine and Equine courses that teach techniques designed to maintain and improve the health of animals.   

ISBT can provide a positive impact on the body’s connective tissue network and can assist with repair and recovery and help maintain general health. It is suitable for animals of any age, from pets to high performance animals. 

ISBT offers courses for professionals, non-professionals and animal owners. 

Training courses in ISBT provide an opportunity to:

  • ·         Develop a new career
  • ·         Change the direction of your existing career
  • ·         Greatly enhance your bodywork skills 

ISBT-Bowen therapy is a stand-alone manual therapy or it can be used in conjunction with other treatment methods.

Graduates of the ISBT Canine Bowen Therapy course (Level Four) or the ISBT Equine Bowen Therapy course (Level Four) will be eligible to apply for HATO practitioner membership as an approved ISBT Bowen therapy practitioner. 

The courses are offered throughout Australia and overseas.

Please Note: Attendance is required (these courses require hands-on training and are not taught by distance education). 

For information on the ISBT courses please email the ISBT office:

Or visit the ISBT website: 






HATO is currently seeking to approve professional, high-quality courses in the following areas of natural animal health:


* Massage-related courses for dogs, horses and other animals

* Tellington T-Touch courses

* Pet Homeopathy Training courses

* Iris analysis for animals

* Courses on animal behaviour, animal communication and other related training

* Other courses in natural animal health 


If you are a course provider and would like your school or college to become an approved course provider through our organisation, please contact us at: to enquire about an application for course approval. If you meet the HATO course criteria, all relevant course enquiries that we receive from the general public will be referred to your school or college once you have received course accreditation.