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Do You Want To Treat Your Animals With Natural Remedies?

A large number of herbal and nutrient supplements are available over-the-counter from supermarkets, health food stores, pharmacies and online. However, many of these products can be sub-standard in quality with low levels of active ingredients and large amounts of ‘cheap fillers’.

Furthermore, a large number of supplements are manufactured overseas in countries that do not follow strict manufacturing guidelines. This is why we recommend purchasing your herbal medicines, nutrient supplements and other natural remedies for animals through qualified and accredited natural animal health practitioners as they are more likely to only stock the best natural medicines available for your pets. A trained Holistic Animal Health Practitioner, Animal Naturopath, Animal Herbalist or Holistic Veterinarian usually knows the best sources of herbal medicines for animals, nutrient supplements for animals and homeopathic medicines for animals. 

In addition, we do not recommend the self-prescribing of herbal medicines or nutrient therapies to companion animals or livestock as these supplements and medicines can be dangerous when incorrectly given or at the very least, may be ineffective. Many substances deemed to be safe in humans may be toxic or even fatal to other species e.g. tea tree oil can be highly toxic to cats. HATO only recommends the use of herbal medicines and nutrient therapies for animals when they have been purchased through or prescribed by a qualified Holistic Animal Health practitioner, Animal Herbalist, Animal Naturopath or Holistic Veterinarian that is well trained in animal health and complementary medicine for animals.

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